選擇CHECK IN付款訂房,如登記資料有誤或者有無法聯絡之情形將視同為無效訂房!!
由於CHECK IN付款訂房並無事先收費,本飯店僅對該訂房之訂單進房時間起算保留兩小時,超過兩小時未能與本飯店聯絡延長保留時間,本飯店有權利取消該筆訂房,以利作業,敬請配合,謝謝!!
Weekday Check-in :  15:00~22:00 ,Check-out : Until 12:00 Saturday, Holiday, Chinese New Year Check-in :  16:00~22:00 ,Check-out : Until 12:00

【Reminder of Anti-fraud】
‘’ and the ‘hotels’ would not ask the tourists to cancel the function of direct debit through ATM with any reasons, nor would they inform you to change the payment conditions because you accidentally set up the account by installment. They would not ask you to provide information regarding your credit card, bank account or offer the customer service hotline of your bank/credit card, either. Please be aware and don't be cheated! If you have any questions, please call Reservations of the hotel directly.







 For the best reservation service quality, please fill in the following blanks with correct information

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Check-in Use a local ATM machine. (Within Taiwan only)

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